Headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Viroclinics Biosciences operates at a global level and is the preferred virology testing laboratory for several of the top 10 biopharmaceutical companies. Our mission is to improve human and animal health by serving the biopharmaceutical community with state-of-the-art diagnostics, custom-made models in (pre)clinical drug testing and expert advice on development of antivirals and vaccines.



The clinical diagnostic testing services support and accelerate the market entry of new drugs, vaccines and antivirals, and assist in pre- and post marketing surveillance programs. Services are customized to specific needs, enabling maximum flexibility from day-to-day analysis to high throughput bulk analysis.

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The clinical trial operations department is the latest addition to Viroclinics. It provides better logistics support for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries and gives Viroclinics the opportunity to monitor the quality from the moment the sample is taken to the final test results.

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Preclinical services include testing of efficacy, safety, PK and (immune) toxicology of drugs, antibodies, vaccines and antivirals targeting viral infectious diseases. The BSL-2 and BSL-3 facilities enable complicated experiments with highly pathogenic viruses. The qualified biotech staff and use of state of the art BSL2 and BSL3 animal facilities are key to a successful outcome of studies.

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Assay innovation and the introduction of new tools keep analysis up to date with the increasingly demanding criteria for developing new therapeutic and prophylactic candidates up to market registration. Customized assay and protocol development is followed by standardization and validation procedures to allow for routine application in a clinical trial setting.

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Viroclinics has adopted a high quality standard in all operations, testing procedures and reporting. The quality management system is based on NEN-EN-ISO 15189, expanded with elements of GCP and GLP, to comply with regulatory requirements and facilitate regulatory submissions.

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Viroclinics participates in global surveillance programs to monitor and characterize novel virus threats to human and animal health (EMPERIE; EU FP-7). Additional research programs focus on genomics, discovery of biomarkers, correlates of protection and viral reference strain development.

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Viroclinics Biosciences BV (Viroclinics) operates at a global level, being the preferred virology testing laboratory for several of the top-10 Biopharmaceutical companies. As a virology contract research organization, we serve the biopharmaceutical community with our preclinical, clinical diagnostic, assay development and clinical trial logistics services. Our extensive experience with clinical and preclinical studies for viruses, including our specialty in respiratory viruses, puts us at the forefront for supporting the development of vaccines, antibodies and antiviral compounds targeting viral infectious diseases.

Our staff consists of over 60 well-trained, dedicated scientists and technical experts, and our projects are supported by an extensive network of key opinion leaders as consultants. Through an intense collaboration with the Erasmus MC Viroscience Lab, we offer the combined benefits of scientific knowledge and technical ability maintained at both laboratories. This enables Viroclinics Biosciences to support customers with the best virological knowledge available.

Our uniquely consultative approach to business means we nurture deep client relationships in order to fully understand their needs and provide optimally customised research programs and project solutions.





Viroclinics Biosciences is a cutting edge lab service organisation with state of the art facilities including laboratory BSL 2 and BSL 3 facilities and a samples processing facility in Boston USA.

Viroclinics has adopted a high quality standard in all operations, testing procedures and reporting. The quality management system is based on NEN-EN-ISO 15189, expanded with elements of GCP and GLP, to comply with regulatory requirements and facilitate regulatory submissions.




Latest Press Release

ViroSpot MN assay, a novel tool for antigenic characterization of influenza viruses and serology

Selecting vaccine strains that match circulating influenza viruses antigenically remains an annual challenge. Vaccine mismatch [e.g., for recent A(H3N2) viruses] has contributed to reduced vaccine effectiveness. Reduced vaccine effectiveness not only may affect public health, but also causes economic losses due to absenteeism from work. Vaccine mismatches also fuel the ongoing debate about the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine.

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Latest Publication

Clinical and technical validation studies for diagnostic companies

• Detection of nonhemagglutinating influenza a(h3) viruses by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in quantitative influenza virus culture.
• Performance evaluation of the new Roche Cobas AmpliPrep/Cobas TaqMan HIV-1 test version 2.0 for quantification of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 RNA.
• Comparison of the Abbott Realtime HIV-1 and HCV viral load assays with commercial competitor assays.
• Evaluation of the analytical performance of the new Abbott RealTime RT-PCRs for the quantitative detection of HCV and HIV-1 RNA.
• Multicenter evaluation of the new Abbott RealTime assays for quantitative detection of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and hepatitis C virus RNA.

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